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Recover accidentally deleted NTFS partitions

Posted at — Oct 16, 2009

Few weeks ago, I deleted an NTFS partition on one of my friend’s PC which contains most valuable data. :shock: It was an accident because of using Windows Disk Manager to change active partition. Suddenly 2 partitions on the Extended Partition disappeared. So, This is the way how I survive my life. :D First advice is not to use crappy Windows Disk Manager to modify partitions. Instead use Gparted which is available on most of Linux Live CD’s. Then you are almost on safe side. Recovering can only done if you did not do any modification to deleted/unallocated space after losing partitions. I used Active Partition Recovery tool for this purpose. It’s available on Hiren’s Boot CD. It is a Bootable CD which contains bundle of very useful tools  and can be download free. It also included mini Windows XP version too. It was my lucky day,  I had the iso with me but never used that. Because there were no reason before to use it. I burned it into a CD and started PC from it. I selected “Start BootCD” option from the it’s boot menu and then shows a categorized menu again and went through this path “Recovery Tools” -> “Active Partition Recovery”. Did a scan using the tool in unallocated space and it detected deleted partitions and confirmed to add to drive list pressing ‘Y’. [caption id=“attachment_29” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“Confirm to recover”]detected[/caption] After recovering all the partitions it will ask to save changes when you press escape. Press ‘Y’ and that’s all. :cool: [caption id=“attachment_30” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“Save recoverd partitions to disk”]Save recoverd partitions to disk[/caption] Finally, My thank goes to Kalinga for recommending Hiren’s Boot CD as a all in one System Recovery Tool Kit earlier and for remind me it on that day when I called him. And I should thank Erandika for giving her PC to do this scary experiments. ;)

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