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Hello world!

Posted at — Sep 2, 2009

Hello Girls n Guys!! :D .   I started blogging. That’s why I’m saying “Hello World” :lol: .  When starting a blog, computer geeks use their prefer programming language to say “Hello World”. As you know I’m not a geek :cool: .  so I just Google to find a special way to say it. I got a site which have 428 Hello world programs and 63 human languages. :shock:  So you have the freedom of choosing any language to accept my warm welcome. ;) Ok, then what kind of things going to publish here? :roll:   Well I didn’t think about it yet. :P   I might write in Sinhala as well. So you better have Unicode character support for Sinhala in your computer. How we going to check it? Just check whether below line can read or not. It has all 26 letters of sinhala alphabet. :lol:

“ද ක්වික් බ්‍රවුන් ෆයර්ෆොක්ස් ජම්ප්ස් ඕවර් ද ලේසි ඉන්ටර්නෙට් එක්ස්ප්ලෝරර්”

If you cant read it that means either your Operating System(OS) doesn’t have Sinhala support or you may don’t know Sinhala. ;)   Don’t worry just go here and follow the guidelines according to your OS.

Now the time is for comments. :D   Tell me how is this whether good or bad. I guess you will come back to read next post too. ;)

p.s.- special thank goes to “Something different”. ;)


Erandika -

Ur idea is really good… Carry it up always sooooooooo…..All the best.. for everything you do… hope i’ve taught u some gud lessons in life :) ur a really good friend… and a TRUE friend… I salute ur friendship TRULY.. BUT… learn to be more concerned about what to want to acheive in life.. and u’ll always reach for the SKY… since there’s no limit but the sky limit

Chathura -

@ Erandika :cool: Thanks my dear friend! I appreciate it. :)

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